Project Description

The sculpture is composed of 21 bird forms that are suspended above the baggage claim area. They range in size from 36″ wing span to 15’ wing span. The bird bodies are constructed from aluminum and the wings are a combination of aluminum and lexan panels. The lexan (high-grade plexiglass) has brightly color semi-transparent aviation maps printed on them. Aviation maps are maps that pilots use to navigate in and out of airports.  These maps are filled with information and symbols– that are interesting to look at, even if you are not skilled to understand the radio channels or specific runway codes. The individual birds will all be hung from a feather shaped truss at various heights. The truss has an S-curve shape and is made from 2″ x 2″ steel tubing.  


2 thoughts on “Project Description

  1. Beth & Dick, What a wondeful project. I will look forward to the final photograghs. Looking at the artist renderings, it promises to be so light and free as aviation should be. I will also love to see the color choices in the final presentation.
    Dick, you have outdone yourself. Patrice, thanks for the tip on this project. Beth and Dick…WELL DONE! Scott Sonnkalb, Ripon, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (Patrice’s cousin and a long time aviator!).

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