Day Two

Today we finished building the truss.



100 feet of steel


My amazing team: Dick Jobe, Sarah Deppe, Matt Bennett


All crates were opened and unloaded. All twenty-one birds made the transit perfectly!


The birds are ready to test out the California air with new wings tomorrow.


Day One

The truck arrived at 9:00am and we started unloading. This section was the largest one to move.

A portion of our crates unloaded and catching a quick California Tan.


Moving another large section of the truss into the airport.


After unloading the semi, we set up scaffolding and started the truss assembly.


By the closing of Day One we had half of the truss assembled.


The loading of the semi

The day that I have been hoping for with great anticipating is finally here. The semi idles on the street as we load and secure all of the pieces. The truss that is 100′ long and 23′ wide, has been broken down into over 40 pieces and weighing in at 1800 pounds. All of the birds have been nestled softly into 8 wooden crates that are approximately 8′ x 4′ x 3′. It takes a half a dozen men and myself, three hours to load the semi and secure the load. The truck driver says, “Adios. I’ll see you in California,” and pulls away. The end has just started to unfold.



Hello All! I would like to share a warm welcome to the Flight of Ideas Blog. This blog has been set up to help share the experience and adventure of installing a major sculpture in the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. I have set up a few pages to tell the story of this project and how progress has developed over the last six months. If you are so inclined, those tabs are in blue above.