Artist Statement

I find the story behind inventions, ideas, and big dreams to be inspirational. There are numerous stories untold about big dreams that were unsuccessful and just as many about challenges and failures preceded successful innovations. It is the minds of innovators and thinkers that truly intrigues me and is at the core of this project. People who are willing to try new things, experiment, explore, learn and grow are the same people who have formed our world and will continue to do so in the future. 

It was an idea that turned into an obsession that brought men into the sky, and changed the way we travel and view the world. The graceful ability for birds to soar, dive, and ride the wind have been the subject of daydreams for men and child alike. The first engineers watched the flight of birds to figure out what was needed for balance and structure. The first biplane and glider designs of the early 1900s were influenced by birds’ wing structure and positioning. The advancements in charts, mathematics, instruments, and calculations increased greatly after the attempts brought success. I want to bring into the airport the rich history of aviation and where it started over 1000 years ago.


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