The project started by welding all twenty-one aluminum birds together

The welding was followed by weeks of sanding and grinding.

Mid-Summer. I am holding the largest of the bird bodies, this bird will have a 16 foot wing span I believe.

Once all the bird bodies were assembled, we built wings and added tails. You can see Dick working on one of the smaller birds in this image.

After all the wings and tails were added, we prepared them with rigging cable.

This is one of the larger birds.

This is a view of the studio once we finished all of the birds and were getting ready to crate them all.

Once finished with all the birds we started on the 100' feather shaped truss. We built it in small sections. After having all the small sections assembled we brought all 30-40 some pieces next store to a warehouse space and put the whole thing together. Amazingly enough, all the pieces fit perfectly!!

I designed the truss to be assembled in many different pieces, as you can see if you look closely, you can see how the various sections bolt together.

Once the truss was de-assembled and painted, it was wrapped in paper and read for shipping!

All the birds were crated up and ready to go, for a grand total of 8 crates (3 missing in this photograph).



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