Day 13

Today, October 22nd 2011, marks the last and final day of this project. What I have been working for a year now has come and gone. I stood for a while this afternoon on the upper level looking at my flock in the afternoon sun rays…and I am left with a strange feeling. Many artists, innovators, and creators with much more wisdom than I had warned me about this moment, and it has indeed hit me like a freight train.

This project has taught me more than I ever imagined that it would. I am incredibly thankful for the numerous people who believed in my dream and idea enough to help it come to life. I am equally as grateful for everyone who has supported and encouraged me when I lost sight of my vision or grew exhausted from the journey. It has been a great one and one that I will never forget.


Basking in the afternoon sun.


Day 12

The day started with securing 6 chain hoists to the truss.

Once all hoists were in place and balanced we lifted it a few feet off the scaffolding. We removed the scaffolding and attached a few birds to the truss before it was lifted into place.


The truss is lifted with 10 birds attached.


The truss is secured to the ceiling. One by one the other 11 birds are added into the flock.


A view from the second story.


Lifting and securing the jumbo mama bird. (The largest of all the birds, with a 15 foot wing span.)


A view from the end of the day! I have been dreaming about this view for almost a year now!!

Hoisting the second to last bird into place. A productive day indeed.

Day 9-11

After many days of issue after issue, the construction crew is almost ready to lift the truss in the air! As you can see in this image, there are multiple cables running from the ceiling down. I am excited to share images in the following days to come, of the complete sculpture!! It has been quite a journey!

Day 6-8

I wish I had much more to update you on! It has turned into quite an expensive waiting game. The company that has been contracted out to drill the holes into the ceiling bracing is on a slow move.  The truss was schedule to lift-off today and there are only 6 out of 42 holes drilled. The word is that the company may or may not be working today. I am trying to stay positive and calm. I hope to have more to update you tomorrow!!

Day 5

And on the fifth day we rested. We have had a great first week in southern California. My team has been truly extraordinary and I have been blessed by their hard work, humor, and fantastic attitudes. Sarah, Dick, and Matt all will fly back to the mid-west early tomorrow morning. I will stay here in my temporary new home at the Best Western for another week to see the installation out to the end. All the pieces have been assembled and if we stay on schedule the truss should be lifted into the air on Monday! What a great first week!

Day 4

Today all the plastic wing sections were added to all the large birds.


A close up of the aviation map.

The moving of the jumbo bird.


All the birds now have colored aviation maps and are ready for flight next week.

I am savoring some quiet time before my birds fly the nest for good.

Day 3


All the birds were unwrapped and assembled.


Once the birds were assembled the plastic colored wing panels were added.


Each bird has an aviation map printed on the plastic wings. Each map represents a different city across the county.

After a long day of work my crew takes a much needed siesta.